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If you haven't noticed, we're a little obsessed with candles around here. Not only do we love the sickly sweet scents each provide but we also just think they are the perfect, easiest way to set the vibe and tone of your day. Working from home and need some mid-day encouragement? Light up Go Get 'Em Goal Digger. Celebrating Pride month with a boozy brunch? Turn to our three pronoun candles. Wrangling the kids over summer vacation? We recommend this sassy candle...and possibly visiting your doctor for a prescription of something a bit stronger.
So, now that I've set the vibe (thanks to this bad ass best seller) let's talk tips, tricks and straight up facts of the candle trade.
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Did you know our candles are made of 100% soy? That may not seem like a big deal to some but it's actually, like, pretty major. Soy wax is a great, sustainable, plant based wax that not only burns longer (yay, stamina!) but it also lasts longer than most candles made with paraffin. Paraffin - which we will now refer to as par*ffin - is a nasty, ugly, fossil fuel byproduct used by environmental haters. Not cute. Most brands use par*ffin because it's cheap but it's actually full of toxins that are harmful to people, ESPECIALLY pregnant women.
So, in conclusion, 'F off, par*ffin, go soy!
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(oh, also, you may observe these cute white crystals in the soy wax. Don't be alarmed, babe! This is the sign you've been looking for:  yes, your cute candle is indeed 100% soy and 100% not a climate change denier!).
Did you know the first burn of a candle is most important and can actually set the tone for future burns?
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When lighting your brand new Ryan Porter candle, make sure you have the time to let the candle burn from edge to edge (approximately 2-3 hours). If your first burn is interrupted you may experience what we call "tunneling" in the chic candle business world. Tunneling happens when the top layer of wax isn't able to burn evenly. If you find yourself in this predicament, try covering the top of the candle with aluminum foil. Next, cut a small hole above the wick and light your candle. The heat from the flame won't be able to escape with the foil covering which, in turn, will melt that top layer of what? - 100% sweet soy goodness wax!
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Once you've burnt through your candle and experienced the good energy it brought to your space, don't fret!  I'm happy to confirm there is, indeed, life after a fiery death. Remove some of the excess wax in your candle jar with hot water and voila! you have a repurposed makeup brush jar with a clever label! If the wax is extra pesky and won't come out with hot water then you should just respect its decision and wait for it to come out on its own schedule. NO! jk jk. We also suggest popping that sucker in the freezer overnight to shrink the wax. You should be able to flip the jar over the next morning and have a gorgeous pile of hardened wax and a new cotton ball jar with a clever label! Easy peezy.
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And remember my fellow candle fiens: you can never have enough candles. Too much is simply not enough in the candle world. In fact, I have one burning in every room of my apartment 24/7, 365. Because I love myself and I love to intentionally set a different vibe in every room. 

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  • Hey quick question: once I’m done crying over my fully burnt out candle, can I safely use the glass for my Gin and Tonic*? I I need to rehydrate quite badly.

    *Gin & Gin, LBR


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