Topped with cute message hearts!

Babe, whenever you’re around it’s like an instant sugar rush. Sure, life has its ups and downs but without the sour we wouldn’t appreciate the sweet. Every time you light up this cute lil candle, remember... you make life sweet like candy xo 

Smells Like: Candy, Strawberry, Raspberry, Sugar, Vanilla, Light Musk

Finishing Touches: Adorable wax candy heart with cute messages, ploured and placed by hand 

Perfect Gift For: Anyone with a sweet tooth, girlfriend, wife, Valentines, Galentines, BFFs and bestie

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Vegan + Cruelty Free

60+ hour burn time

Natural soy candle

No gross goop

Insanely giftable

Hand made in USA

"It's easy to see why Candier's candles have become popular gifts" - Forbes

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Topped with wax message hearts

Natural soy wax

Smells like retro candy

Hand poured in USA