FAQs, Candle Safety & Care

Important Candle Safety

Always burn candles within sight
Keep away from things that can catch fire
Keep away from children & pets
Trim wick to 1/4in before every use
Do not burn for more than 4 hours
Stop use when 1/2in wax remains

How long should I burn my candle each time?

For most candles, the ideal burn time is 3-4 hours. This ensures an even melt pool and prevents tunneling. Always extinguish a candle immediately with a snuffer if you see excessive smoke or if the flame grows large. 

What happens if I burn my candle for too long?

Burning a candle for too long can cause the wick to become too long and "mushroom", leading to a larger flame and more soot. It can also make the container excessively hot and potentially cause it to break, and even damage the surface the candle rests on.

How can I prevent my candle from tunneling?

To prevent tunneling, ensure that the first burn lasts long enough for the entire surface of the candle to melt evenly. This typically takes 2-4 hours.

What is the best way to extinguish a candle?

The best way to extinguish a candle is to use a snuffer. This minimizes smoke and keeps the wick centered, ready for the next burn. Avoid blowing out the candle, as this can cause hot wax

Are glitter candles safe to burn?

Glitter is always a good look, but is it safe for candles? Good question! Not all glitter is made equal. We use candle friendly, plant based, biodegradable Eco Glitter that is rigorously tested by a 3rd party laboratory to ensure the candles are safe to burn. Our glitter candles have passed the industry standard ASTM F2417 [CANDLE FIRE SAFETY TEST], and we go above-and-beyond with 'aggressive' testing that exceeds what is required to pass ASTM testing.

What are the sprinkles made of?

Our adorable, colorful sprinkles are made up of wax and a little sugar. They don't really melt when the candle is in use, they tend to float around in the wax pool. Due to this, you may on occasion need to clear some of the sprinkles away from the wick. Only do this when the candle is completely cooled. 

Do you donate to charity?

Yes! We love to pay it forward and give back by donating a portion of our profits to organization we care about. Find out more here.

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How Can I Reuse My Candle Glass?

Too cute to burn? Maybe. Too cute to toss in the trash? Definitely! So you bought a cute Ryan Porter candle and spent hours and hours enjoying her. Sadly, the time has finally come: all of the (natural soy!) wax has melted and the candle is finished....or is she? A simple way to reuse and recycle is to clean out the jar and use it for storage. Makeup brushes, office supplies or even just loose change fit perfectly into a used candle jar. Plus, you'll have the sassy label to cherish forever and ever!

How do I clean out my candle jar for reuse?

Place the jar in the freezer for a few hours. Once the wax is hard, it should pop out easily. Clean any residue with warm, soapy water.

How long should I burn my candle each time?

It's recommended to burn your candle for 3-4 hours at a time to prevent the wick from mushrooming and to ensure an even burn. Always extinguish a candle with a snuffer if you see a large flame or excessive smoke/soot.

What do I do if my candle starts to tunnel?

To fix tunneling, allow the candle to burn long enough for the melted wax to reach the edges of the container. This might take a few hours.

Candle Care Tips

For more tips on how to care for your candle, click  here.