Comfy Cozy Chic Fall

Comfy Cozy Chic Fall

We're at that (somewhat depressing) stage in the year when the sun doesn't stay out as long, greenery is swapped out for yellows and browns and temps start dipping faster than your friend who loves an Irish goodbye. This can be a tough transition for you summer loving girls, gays and they's but fear not there is a  simple solution: buying cute things. There's nothing like being comfy cozy inside your perfectly curated space on a fall day.




Vases are the easiest way to transform a room from drab to chic. We have an assortment of sizes, shapes and colors which can be unique to your own personal style. Nothing says "hello! prepare to be comfy cozy chic in my home" like our gorgeous Goddess vase stuffed with some fresh flowers or fluff.




So you have your cute vase and now she's just missing the perfect accessory. Personally, I love fresh flowers. The ritual of picking out a new batch each week is soothing, comforting and brightens up my room for the foreseeable future. But if you're not feeling very Martha Stewart, we've got your covered. Bunny tail grassdry billy button, or fluff is cute, affordable and easy, breezy upkeep.


Candles are the best luxury to set the tone of your space. I prefer an earthy, natural scent which is why our "If you were a spice girl you'd be pumpkin spice" candle is my absolute go-to every fall season. Our NEW tiny tin travel candles are perfect for the bathroom or when you're traveling this fall to cute fall places!

Essential Oils

Our mood essential oils are perfect for any and all of the moods you may encounter in one day. We have you covered from "Babe, Wake the F Up" to "Babygirl, Go to Sleep". Uncap, roll onto your temple or wrist and toss back into your bag. Easy, breezy, calm AF.

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