Women's History Month

The Spice Girls were formative in my understanding of Girl Power. The lyrics "if you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends" really hit 8 year old me hard. Your girls come first, and that's THAT. Friendship - specifically female friendships - are to be valued and treasured.
By now, it's pretty clear that women are the superior gender on planet earth. Sorry, these are just facts. Women's History Month is dedicated to celebrating and empowering all of the amazing women who make up the world.
We believe in spreading girl power and empowering women so much so that a  percentage of every purchase from our shop goes toward Girls INC. each month!

Blocks of Love
Generations of love right on your wrist. These bracelets are tiny reminders of big feelings!

Who Run The World? Moms!
No explanation needed. Light it up and pat yourself on the back, mama.
Something For The Trouble Makers
Let's face it, kids can be exhausting. Light it up, pour a large glass of wine and take some me-time, mom.

Cheer. Them. On.
Empowering the people around you is the best way to spread love and strength but don't forget about yourself, too. After all, it takes a village, babe.

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