Spring/Summer Trends '22

Spring/Summer Trends '22
Spring is obviously the best time to refresh and reset so why not harness that energy and switch up your style a bit. Renew yourself, babe. Below are some of Spring/Summer '22 freshest trends to get you in the mindset for ch-ch-ch-changes.

Y2K nostalgia is in full swing this spring which, as a 32 year old who was fully live, love, laughing in the early 2000's, is kind of mind blowing. I guess if you live long enough you and those younger than you (ew) begin to see your childhood as retro.

Style your spring wardrobe with our perfectly retro alphabet bead bracelets for a splash of double zero's vibes.

Our gold alphabet bead bracelet is customizable - perfect for giving an extra touch of personalization to your style.

Smiley faces were major in the late 90s and early 00's. Mix and match because choosing is hard.

Lime Green:
Lime green, another staple of the 2000's, is everywhere this spring. Warmer weather, longer days just make bright colors feel more fun, vibrant and appropriate.
Our Crystal Bead Bracelets are the perfect accessory to incorporate bright, vibrant colors into your OOTD. Plus, the calming messages will keep you cool as a cucumber on those extra warm days.

Skin Skin Skin:
Bra's as tops are officially en vogue according to Vogue. I'm not going to ask questions or refute. I kind of love it. If bra's as tops is your type of thing then we think a little gold layering is key in pulling off this look.

Layering different lengths of necklaces creates a fun imbalance that makes perfect sense in our eyes.

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