Spoil Someone Special: Top 5 Candles that make perfect Valentines Day Gifts

Spoil Someone Special: Top 5 Candles that make perfect Valentines Day Gifts

Here at CANDIER we make it our mission to spread the love and positive vibes year round, so when Valentines Day comes around we like to challenge ourselves to dial it up the feels even more than usual. This year we wanted to create a collection of fun, fantastic smelling show-stoppers, that’d make Cupid proud (and a lil jealous). Whether you’re buying for your LTR, or breadcrumbing for a situationship, we have the perfect candle for you!  

Here’s our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide featuring the top 5 premium scented candles to spoil all those special someones in your life:


Valentines Day themed candle with heart shaped sprinkles and a label that reads You're My Favorite

"Perfect for your forever person"

$36 Available here

Life’s a crazy roller coaster, with its twists and turns, ups and downs. But you’ve found the perfect person to ride it with. Whether you’re together or apart, having them in your life makes everything just... better. So, make sure they know how you feel with this classic valentines themed candle complete with heart shaped sprinkles.

Fruity floral notes of peach, grapefruit, apple, cherry blossom, hydrangea, and powder create the perfect Valentines floral bouquet with a fresh fruity twist.


A valentines themed black glass candle with a a white label that reads I'd Swipe Right For You

"Perfect for your boyfriend"

$34 available here

Buying Valentines gifts for guys is sooo hard. So we wanted to create something fun and a bit cheeky, that’s guaranteed to give him a giggle. With messaging like  "there’s nobody in the whole world I’d rather lie in bed and look at my phone next to” it’s not hard to see why 'Us Weekly' featured it in their 15 Hilarious Valentine's Day Gifts.

Masculine notes of amber, patchouli, fresh air, leather, sandalwood, and tonka create a warm and exotic fragrance. Making it the perfect gift for him, and for setting the mood (wink).


A valentines themed candle with colorful hearts and a message that reads Sweet Like Candy

Perfect for your girlfriend

$36 available here

Maybe you don’t wanna go OTT with the gushing trad-Valentines themed stuff this year (heart shaped chocolate and a dozen red roses, anyone?). So, instead show her how special she is in a more lowkey 90’s nostalgia kinda way. The super cute wax candy message hearts on top are sure to let her know how you feel without the tacky commercial V-day ick. 

Relive retro valentines candy nostalgia with notes of strawberry, raspberry, sugar, vanilla and a hint of light musk.


A love themed candle with a large wax frosted donut and a message that reads You're The Icing To My Donut

Perfect for DTR

$36 available here

If you’re looking to truly define your relationship status, you can’t go wrong with this adorable, frosted donut topped little cutie. I mean – if the title doesn't get the point across, the “If you couldn't tell, I’m kinda sweet on you” message isn’t exactly sending out mixed signals. Plus; Forbes included this candle in their 20 Best Valentine's Day Gifts, and said “It Doesn't Get Sweeter Than This Candle”.

With notes of strawberry jam, summer berries, vanilla and sugar this candle smells like a sweet strawberry glazed donut, with a sensual, exotic twist.


A candle with colorful sprinkles and a bright pink label that reads I Love You More Than Ice Cream

Perfect for your Galentines

$36 available here

Everyone needs a bestie to laugh with, cuddle up to, and make really bad decisions with. Like a tiny (but mighty) little girl gang. Make sure she knows how much you mean to her this Galentines. You can’t go wrong with our iconic sprinkle candle, especially when it’s been featured in Forbes.

Delicious notes of soft serve ice cream, smooth buttercream, and sugar combine to perfectly recreate a premium vanilla bean ice cream topped with fun, colorful sprinkles.

So there it is, our 5 best candles to treat that special somebody. Don’t forget all our classic CANDIER candles are made with sustainable soy wax, fragranced with natural essential oils, hand poured in the USA in small batches. They’re cruelty free and vegan, and contain no gross goop (No lead, plastics, paraben or phthalates).

Check out our store for our full range of candles perfect for every occasion, as well as thoughtful gift ideas that’ll make them say “OMG!”. You should treat yourself, too! 

Happy Valentine's, babe! xo

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