Revel in Your Layers

Revel in Your Layers


Every human being on this planet has layers (except for Donald Trump, what you see is what you get). Layers convey depth, intimacy and honestly, just overall chic-ness. This summer (and fall, winter, spring) we encourage you to revel in your layers of jewelry. Mix and match. Pair skinny pieces with chunky pieces. Get playful because the more you explore, the more you'll understand about yourself, babe. 


Your personalized piece is great on its own but even more fabulous with another personalized piece. Spice up your look with our personalized Choker combined with our signature Classic Script necklace. Or, for an edgier look, pair with our Old English personalized necklace. For mom's of multiple children (fur babies count!) we recommend layering your children's names in different lengths. 


I can't believe I'm saying this but....sometimes, less is more. This certainly isn't always the case, but some occasions call for just a dash of splash. We recommend pairing your favorite necklace with our tres chic Skinny Snake layering necklace. 


Arming your wrist in bracelets will never go out of style. We love our new crystal bracelets to bring positivity, warmth and some z-e-n to your day. Add some dimension to the look with our personalized Bar bracelet + Classic Bead bracelet!


The key to layering is in the length. You don't want all your pieces to bunch together in one glob so be sure to layer with different chain lengths. Personally, my favorite look is our Link Chain + Boyfriend necklace + Personalized Initial Necklace. Combined, you have yourself an easy, breezy, sophisticated, effortless look that will elevate your wardrobe beyond. 


If your necklace is needing a bit of an extension to create that perfect layering look, we have the solution. Easily extend your necklace or bracelets with our 2" Extender chain!


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