What does it mean to you to be a nasty woman?

In case my Mom or mother-in-law is reading this: We’re not talking about the traditional definition of “nasty.” Ryan Porter is NOT calling me disgustingly unclean (They know I’m the Executive Editor of Good Housekeeping!) and/or nauseating, vicious, spiteful or hard to deal with. So-called “nasty women” are bad-ass self-starters who forge their own path with kindness while lifting up others too!

How do you incorporate women’s rights into your job? How do they influence your work? 

Good Housekeeping is an iconic brand with a 130+ year history. We reach 1 in 5 American women—45 million total audience. That’s nuts! I feel so lucky that we have this incredible platform to tell important stories and share quality content. Featuring Michelle Obama on the cover was a pinch-me-moment for sure!

What was the inspiration for your upcoming book “The Fully Charged Life”?

People always tell me they wish they could bottle my energy. This book is my attempt to do just that!

How do you maintain your bright and creative energy?

I’ve got lots of tricks— and I share ALL of the them in the book. It’s not out until 2021 with Penguin Random House though, so here’s a teaser: Turn your HAVES in to GETS. For example, you don’t HAVE to go to the gym; you GET to go! When you start to reframe you to-dos in this way they become ta-das like magic. #gratitude

What can you tell us about the book? 

The pitch is that it’s a radically simple guide to having endless energy and finding the YAY in every day. It looks at the key areas of your life as Charges (Positive Charge, Health, Love, Work, Recharge, Extra Charge) and gives science-backed strategies and funny anecdotes for operating at fully battery in each.

How do you balance work and family?

I don’t! I prioritize family. Team Murphy is always number one. That’s not to say I don’t get the job(s) done, but my husband, 3 kids and dog will ALWAYS take precedence over a deadline. Hint: Getting good at saying NO helps a whole lot!

Advice you want to give parents?

You’re OK. We tell it to our kids when they scrape their knee or wake up at 2am with growing pains and it works like magic. Now we need to tell it to each other. Parenting is harrrrrrd!

Favorite DIY you have done thus far?

My recent Halloween episode on Live with Kelly & Ryan! I carved a pumpkin with a drill on live TV!

Favorite brand?

Depends on what I’m shopping for! My favorite gluten free (I have celiac disease) treat on the planet is Dana’s Bakery. Her macaroons would be my dessert island food. I love not owning things, so Rent the Runway is my clothing go-to. I can wear something a few times, then send it back! I’m not much of a beauty girl, but I swear by Skynn Iceland eye patches, Cetaphil cleaner and Fresh Lemon Sugar everything!

Is there a quote/motto you try to live by? If so, what is it?

I’m a total quote/motto kinda nasty gal! Soooooo many! Today I’m feeling: Just don’t be an a**hole! It’s a (Meaghan) Murphy’s Law!

What message/word would you wear on your RP custom jewelry? Why? 

Fully Charged! Or maybe YAY with a lightning bolt! These are my power words!

Who is a woman you look up to and why?

I adore Maria Menounos! I was really lucky to be given the chance to co-host her radio show and Better Togetherpodcast a number of times. A highlight was definitely taping at her home in California and sitting down at her kitchen counter beforehand for hardboiled eggs. She’s got a big giant heart and works so hard to bring smart, thoughtful wellness content to the world.

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Kathy Buchan

Kathy Buchan

Meaghan you put the yay in everyday and a sparkle in the lives of many… keep on being that nasty girl who makes a difference in this all too chaotic world.

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