Bring on 2021

Bring on 2021

Well, we've made it. It's month 12/12 of the year from hell. There have been some lows and...well, mostly lows. I think I speak for everyone when I say *bring on 2021* and lets never speak of 2020, again. Here's to manifesting a successful, low-key, uneventful, healthy new year. Below are my tips on how to get what you want out of the new year. 

Start big then go small.

First, what's the overall ~vibe~ you're trying to create in 2021? Knowing where you're going is half the battle but will help tremendously when planning the steps to get to your destination. So, work backwards. Are you looking to make a career change and finally go after that dream job? What steps do you need to take today to make that happen?

Visualize (yes, I'm going to get all new age on your ass) yourself in 2021 doing a happy dance because you just achieved one of your goals. What does it feel like? Where are you? Who are you with? What type of expensive champagne are you drinking? These types of questions will help you answer what you're going after, who's important to you and how good it can feel achieving your goal. Believe it to be true in your mind babe and make it happen. 

Lists are your friend.

Lists are *chefs kiss* so handy. Lists organize your thoughts into bit sized nuggets which are easily consumed and worked through. I suggest creating one major list detailing your goals for the entire year. We'll call her your Master List. Your Master List should be comprised of every and any goal you can think of  - nothing is off the table, babe. Then, at the start of each month, create a new list of things you need to do that month to make your Master Goals list come to life. By the end of the year, you should be drowning in lists (but also living out your goals and overall best life). 

A place of yes.

2020 was a total bust and I'm sure you're feeling more than ready to make up for it in the new year. Personally, I'm coining 2021 *the year of yes* and that's where my mind, attitude and soul is going to live. If a friend asks me to join a new group or meet new people, I'm saying *yes*. If a Tinder match invites me on an impromptu date, I'm saying *yes*. Don't be afraid to put yourself in situations and interactions you normally wouldn't. As long as it isn't harmful to others or myself, in 2021, it's gonna be a *yes* from me, honey. 

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