Customized Holiday 2020

Customized Holiday 2020

This year, holiday plans are a scattered mess. We're all improvising and doing the best we can. Some of us are choosing to celebrate in safe, small groups while others are taking a more solo holiday journey. This journey probably involves an inordinate amount of of Netflix, wine, and online shopping. Speaking of online shopping and customization (smooth, I know ;)) may we present to you some cute accessories that are made to be customized. Show them off to friends and family (from 6 ft. away, of course) or drape yourself in them on your couch to bring a bit of glamour into your hundredth episode of The Crown! 

Custom Necklaces:

Our custom necklaces are the perfect staple piece to add to your wardrobe. No matter the season or current fashion trend, customized necklaces are always in. Whether you want to go the more traditional route and create a nameplate (think Carrie Bradshaw circa 2001) or get a bit sassy (see above) is all part of the fun. We have over ten styles of necklaces to choose from but the classic script necklace is our top seller. Oh, and don't forget the benefits of a polishing cloth, babe!

Custom Rings:

Our ring collection offers dainty, delicate pieces but don't get it twisted - each ring packs its own punch and *pizzazz*. My personal favorite is the very 90's retro heart ring. Personalize with your initial or your significant other to show them some l-o-v-e this season. There's a ring for every finger...and then some.

Custom Bracelets: 

Our gold chain alphabet bead is our best selling bracelet and a hot item during the holiday season. It's the perfect piece to customize and surprise your bestie with, TBH. If you're looking for a twist on the classic, try out our new gold ball bracelet. And if you're looking to layer your arm in pretty pieces, check out our layering bracelets

Whatever you choose to do this holiday season, stay safe, stay healthy and wear a damn mask! 

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