Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

Customized Pieces:

There's no better gift than something personalized. It just screams *I put in thought and effort, baby!*. It's basically a showstopper. Move over, Santa. Currently, we offer customized necklaces, bracelets and rings. All come in a variety of styles so the options are endless. Whether you're buying something sentimental for your mom or sister or an inside joke with your best friend, our personalized pieces are for everyone. 


The main thing you need to know about our key chains is: we'll print anything. Yes, anything. That's why our key chains make for the best, most funnest, craziest, zaniest gift you can get your friends. If you aren't feeling so inspired or creative, we have a never ending assortment of key chains so you don't have to expend much brain power, girl. 


Our ever expanding candle collection can best be summed up with one word: Sassy AF. Okay, two words technically but whatever. And who doesn't love a candle? They're cute, provide fresh smells and bring your space to life with their own personal zest. Need a candle for your bride-friend-to-be? We've got it, bridechilla. Looking for a candle to gift to your stressed out mom friend? Done. Need a candle for your BFF who just went through a messy breakup? We've got them covered, as well. Have a zodiac obsessed friend who won't leave the house when mercury is in retrograde? We have a candle for them but they may want to seek a therapist, as well. There's more candles in our shop and I'd be here all day if I wanted to list them all. Get to browsing, babe. 

Crystal Bracelets:

Your glorious warm glow elevates everyone in your presence, babe, and this holiday season we could all use some extra z-e-n. Our crystal bracelets are the perfect sparkly accessory to arm yourself up with some glitz and words of empowerment. Keep on persisting. 


Less may be more but this holiday season, we're choosing to ignore that. We love layering up bracelets and necklaces especially in the winter. It can really take that holiday outfit up a notch. Choose from a range of necklaces and bracelets in our shop. 

Treat Packs:

Treat your bestie to an old school love letter and jewelry! This super cute bracelet gift pack comes with the classic alphabet bead bracelet, original Candier art card, cute stickers to decorate, and a vibrant pink envelope. This is the ultimate ready-to-go gift for you last minute shoppers. 

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