Alessandra Torresani

Alessandra Torresani
What stigmas do you want to clarify about mental health?

Where do I even begin with all the stigmas behind mental health I would like to change? To begin, we must realize that change comes one day at a time. If you can impact one person by educating them about mental health, you are already breaking the stigmas. 

How do you like to promote positivity in your own life?

Positivity is a tough one for me. I cant look in the mirror and just say affirmations to make me feel better. I know it works for most people, but what others must understand is that when you have a chemical imbalance, sometimes words just aren’t enough to change your mental state of mind. That behind said, the one thing I can find positivity  in to get me through that moment is a straight up dance party. Even better if it’s alone in my car!

What do you like to do to pick yourself up when feeling down?

If Covid wasn’t in the picture, you can find me aimlessly walking around Disneyland. Without a doubt Mickey and Minnie can always put me in a magical mood.

Favorite thing to do on a day off?

I hate days off. And hate is a very strong word I don’t like to use. When I have a day off, I don’t know what to do or how to sit still. I wish I was the kind of person who could rest their body and just reset, but that’s not me. So you’ll probably see me driving around with my dog Pee Wee blasting some fun tunes.

Go-to skincare product?

My go to skin care product is currently Vichy vitamin C serum.

How do you like to relax?
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A Korean Spa is the most luxurious way to relax. Please Covid be done so I can go back to steam and sweat it out. ;)

Most inspiring quote?

“Just Breathe.”

Person you look up to the most?

My mom is my idol because she is just the best ever. Words can’t even describe.

Favorite place to vacation to?
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I love to vacation in Palm Springs. Something about desert air and the vortex that really makes me feel like I’m in touch with my mind.

Guilty pleasure?
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Guilty pleasure will always be The Bachelor franchise.

Go-to comfort food?
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I could eat burritos and pasta all day long. And let me tell you, I do. Everyday.

Favorite movie and why?

Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. My childhood idol Pee Wee brings the laughs, the heart felt gushy memories and just a smidge of naughtiness thanks to the director Tim Burton.

How do you give emotional support to yourself and the people in your life?

The only way I know how to give emotional support is to be there for my family, friends and the loveliest of people who have followed my career all these years is just to listen. We don’t listen to each other anymore. We don’t ask the question “How are you really?”. Sometimes just being there is enough to know you are not alone.

 Biggest inspiration?
So many people inspire me it’s hard to choose just one. One of the many who I always think about and always looked up to was Carrie Fisher. She was a force to be reckon with. She was an incredible actress, comedian, writer, and an advocate for mental health. When I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, I didn’t know anyone who had it as well. Discovering I wasn’t alone and that there was a powerful woman who was open and thriving was all I needed to know that I too could live with it.

Favorite thing about your job?
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I love acting. I love hosting. I love writing. What I love most about my job is that it gives me the opportunity and platform to reach people from all over the world. It allows me to have a voice and to share my story in hopes that someone in the world knows they are not alone in this journey called life.

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Sarah Stout

Sarah Stout

Absolutely made my day… lost my only child a year ago the fiancé. My dearest friend and college roommate was bipolar and she is no longer with us.
So grateful a beautiful lovely woman goes public with others. No better feeling to know you are not alone.

All the love luck joy success in your career💕

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