What are your plans for International Women’s Day?

We're launching a brand new piece on Brit + Co called Be the Change. It's all about inspiring women to take action, specifically focusing on four areas of social good: empowering women candidates; making change with nonprofits; getting involved in the refugee crisis; and lightening your carbon footprint.

How do you incorporate women’s rights into your job? How do they influence your work?

Empowering women through creativity is the core of our company Brit + Co's mission, so it is part of everything I do. Most recently, we created a body of work called Year in Women that celebrated all of the people and moments in 2017 that moved women forward in a rather tumultuous year. Inclusivity, social good, and female empowerment are all important parts of our company's DNA.

What does it mean to you to be a “Nasty Woman”?

To be a Nasty Woman means to be bold, to be strong, to be brave, and to be completely confident in your femininity and sense of self. To make sure everything you do helps the women, girls, and people around you, and to take action to move society forward.

Is there a quote/motto that you try to live by? If so, what is it?

"Be brave. Screw the critics. Choose courage." - Brene Brown; or "Say yes and just start. Don't wait until eventually." - Anjelika Temple ;)

Coffee or Tea?

Neither! But if I had to choose, Arnold Palmer (half ice tea half lemonade)

Go To Beauty Products?

Mascara, black eyeliner, and Chapstick.

One thing that’s always in your handbag?

Orange tic tac

Favorite indulgence?

Cheese, cheese, CHEESE. Specifically anything in the triple creme realm like St. Andre.

Girl crush?

Past: Frida Kahlo; Present: Rupi Kaur

Go to outfit?

Patterned dress + patterned jacket + footless tights + (yes this is true) TEVA

Favorite brand?

Of A Kind (run by my buds Erica Cerulo and Claire Mazur)

A woman you look up to & why?

Kamala Harris. Not only is she the second African-American woman and first South Asian-American senator in history, she's a proud feminist who is determined to move this country forward for all races, genders, people of all walks of life. She's an impressive combination of intelligent and outspoken, and stands behind her beliefs.

General advice you would give to anyone reading this?

Your you-ness is powerful. Use your voice and share your point of view with the world, even if you think no one is listening. Adding your story to the collective chorus of us is how we move forward and help each other rise.

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