@nicolejparker, Brand Marketing at @lola

What does being a nasty woman mean to you?

To keep challenging the stereotype that previous generations of women were pressured to conform to! Every woman out there should feel empowered to be everything and anything she wants to be. 

What sparked an interest / passion in femme care?

I worked on the marketing team at L’Occitane, the natural French beauty brand from the South of France, for a few years. Though I’ll admit I wasn’t a clean beauty junkie when I started, after a few years in and a few trips to the source, I grew a passion for natural products, and the craftsmanship it takes to produce them. When I heard of LOLA -- natural feminine care for women, by women --- I was immediately sold on concept of natural for yet another important body part, and even more so the opportunity to help disrupt an industry that desperately needed changing. 

Who is a woman you look up to and why?

I’ve been fortunate to work for so many smart, talented women in my career so far! (Fun fact: I've never had a male boss.) 

Each woman I've worked for has taught me so much and I wouldn't be where I am today without their guidance and mentoring. Right now I really look up to LOLA’s co-founders Jordana and Alex, and the whole team. It's by far one of the most inspiring, driven groups of individuals I've ever worked with -- they make me actually want to get out of bed in the morning. 

What inspires you when you need motivation?

I'll admit it, I'm that person who scrolls Instagram before bed and right when I wake up. It's my fave way to get news, inspiration and motivation in minutes. But when I really need a push I call my mom. She went through a divorce from my dad when we were young and never let me or my brother feel the impact of it. She was so young herself, but always super resourceful. When I'm nervous about making something happen, I call her or channel her drive to get it done.

If you get in a funk at work, what do you do?

TRAVEL! Funks are inevitable and when I start feeling that way, I grab my husband and book a trip. We've been lucky to travel to some amazing places recently (Cape Town, New Zealand and Thailand to name a few). Experiencing a new culture and living like a local reminds me how big the world really is, and helps provide perspective. If you can't get out of town, I say book a workout. Good music and sweat never fails.

What is one of your fave lola products?

I'm really loving our ultra-thin night pads. After I suffered through the first years of my period scared to use tampons and exclusively wearing bulky pads, I swore them off for life. But LOLA's pads are so thin, and breathable, I gave it another try and now I'm hooked! 

Go to beauty products?

Anastasia Brow Pencil + Glossier Boy Brow. I take my brow game seriously, but have thin, light eyebrows, so I have to fake it.

Whats the one thing that's always in your bag?

Chapstick. I hate all forms of lipstick, lipgloss, etc. I didn't even wear any at my wedding, ha!

What word or message would you get on a Ryan Porter piece?

CHILL. Because sometimes I need a friendly reminder.

Any advice you would give to young women trying to break into the workforce?

Do what you say you will and always raise your hand to help. Recognize that your job isn't about you, but working together with others towards something bigger. Being a team player will take you places. 

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