How did you jump start your journey to success? 
By being fearless! The best move I ever made career wise was refusing to let rejection get to me. Even when I was younger, I was constantly pitching myself to different magazine editors and producers to get on TV or give me freelance writing gigs before I went full-time with my company. I still constantly pitch myself today to different outlets. Don't wait on someone to give you that yes- make it happen yourself!
Best advice you’ve received?
I talk to a lot of big founders a lot of the time, and I've been given such incredible advice over the years. Still, the best advice I've received is when my mom told me to stop being jealous of other people I see online or have come into contact with. Jealousy is the most pointless emotion to have - focus on everything YOU are doing, not what someone else is. 
Goals for the future?
End goal? Be the next ELLEN or Oprah!
Until then, finish my book, bring the Be Fearless Summit to every university from Boston to Arizona, and get an unlimited supply of free chocolate from Hu Kitchen! 
Last thing you do before going to bed at night?
Probably watch Ozark. It's bad, I know. 
Current girl crush?
My forever girl crush is Halsey. My second one is Sara Blakely. Talk about a role model! 
Go-to words of motivation?
Be fearless and get the f*** out of your comfort zone. 
Most challenging part about your job?
Everything?! Focusing on a lot of projects at once and then remembering I have to make money too. That's always a fun balance! Something I've focused on heavily this year for my own mental health is knowing when to take a step back. What to/ what not to post on social media is crucial for me, I'm still human even though I've pursued this career path. I'm finding myself, what I like, who I want to date, etc., while doing all this. I try and be the most authentic and transparent version of myself online, but there are things I know I don't need to post about for whatever reason. I've finally found that balance and it feels good. 
How do you strive to empower your audience?
Honestly, by being myself all of the time. I think I'd know I had lost myself through my journey if I started wanting to be someone else, to model my brand after someone else, to edit pictures heavily...and I avoid that because it's not me IRL and it's not me online. I hope by following me you feel empowered to be your most authentic and true self. 
Who is your biggest role model?
Sara Blakely. Michelle Obama. My dad.
How do you balance your personal life with work?
I take every Sunday off of social media (I delete every app off of my cell phone) which is something I've done for over 1 year now. Coolest decision ever! I see my friends as often as I can, I don't go on my email or take calls past 6 PM...all minor things that make me feel balanced. 
What empowers you to be a strong role model to other women?
The messages and comments I get inspire me, even on my weakest days, to continue to inspire others. It's the most blessed feeling I've been able to ever feel by hearing someone else's story and even more blessed if my experience has shaped someone else's. 
Describe your ideal day-off
Ooh! I can get real specific with this question depending on the city I'm in :) If I'm on the East Coast...waking up in Manhattan on the Upper East Side in September (my favorite hotel is the Lowell or the Empire!), brunch at The Smith or bagels to-go from Sadelle's in Soho, wandering around SoHo for the day, milk bar truffles for an afternoon treat, martinis at The Jimmy before dinner at Gemma. Obviously, a lot of food included. 
Favorite music to jam out to currently?
My favorite song will forever be Midnight City by M83. I'm super into alternative so I like a lot of Autograf, Cheat Codes, STRKFR, and Mozart when I'm cooking. A lot of G-Eazy. The best combo ever is Mozart on my speaker while making dinner. 
Most important qualities you look for in a friend?
Honesty (please tell me when I'm screwed up, but nicely!), answers the phone when I call most of the time and vice versa, and being down to Earth. One thing I learned is you don't need a lot of close friends to be happy - know a lot of people, keep a few of em' on speed dial. 
How do you pick yourself up when you’re feeling down?
I eat chocolate, I watch Netflix, and I turn my phone off. 
Advice for anyone having a hard time with the stay at home order?
Look, we're all in the same boat. Whether you're Kim Kardashian, me, or a barista. If you FEEL like doing something, do it. If you feel like doing nothing, spend 5 or 10 minutes a day writing or meditating, maybe deep breathing, and call it a day. Just because everyone is trying to "hustle" and do 100 things in a day while inside, doesn't mean you need to too. 
Advice for those thinking about becoming an entrepreneur? And/Or those that have no idea what they want to do?
My best advice for aspiring entrepreneur's is to start. If you don't wake up everyday thinking about an idea, you may have a lot of ideas and don't know where to begin, figure out your own idea time management and get to work. Make a mini business plan for all of your ideas and see which plan is strongest. THINK about the idea for the next 4 weeks - are you antsy about "it" becoming something? Do you want to talk all day about your idea? That's the money idea. Lead with it. Stop thinking so much! If you don't know what to do, keep exploring. Start a club for students or entrepreneur's in your area to chat! Get a cool internship. Make a profile on Upwork or Fiverr and try some freelance gigs out. You'll figure it out, we all do. 
Anything else you'd like to share?
"No" means a no now and a maybe or a yes in 2 years. Fight for what you want and you'll always be rewarded. 

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