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All classic CANDIER® candles are made with natural soy wax, fragranced with essential oils and are hand poured in the USA. They contain no gross goop like parabens, lead and phthalates. They are vegan and cruelty free, and burn for at least sixty hours. 

Natural soy candle

Hand made in USA

No gross goop

60+ hour burn time

Insanely giftable

Vegan + Cruelty Free


Hi, babe.

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xo Krysten

YALL literally changed the way I view candles. MWAH chefs kiss!

Lauren on "What Would Dolly Do?"

"The 10 Best Luxury Scented Candles"


This candle smells amazing... it is super cute and trendy :)

Alyssa on "Calm The F Down"

"Jennifer Coolidge voice: Wow!"

E! News

"it smells so good!!! My new favorite brand!"

Angela K. on Yo I Can't Adult Today

Our Impact

Being an environmentally responsible and socially conscious business is super important to us. We donate a portion of all our sales to these amazing causes:

A luxury candle with the label "greenspark" on it, showcasing a minimalist design.

We give back

We're a Greenspark Earth Positive Business creating positive impact every day.

We pay it forward

We donate to Girls Inc. inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold.