Fall Vibes Worth Vibing With

Fall Vibes Worth Vibing With

 Whether it's your home, wardrobe or accessories game, the Fall time is the perfect time to shake things up. Everything we love about the summer: greenery, blue skies, fresh flowers is dying before our very eyes so why not join in and go with the sea of changes. Toss the old things out and add in some new pieces for Autumn AKA the time of year my year-round depression becomes "seasonal". Keep scrolling below to see how I personally love getting into the fall vibes!

Chain Crew:
Chains are inherently spooky so they're perfect for Fall. The great thing about them is chains can give off different vibes depending on how you style them. We love versatility! Going for a delicate, minimal look? Add our Layering Link Chain to your OOTD.
Looking for a bit more chaotic-while-remaining-chic vibe? Try using our Boxy Necklace as a base while layering other pieces of varying length and styles around it. We love pairing this piece with a Custom Dangle Necklace to add that personal touch that's never out of season.

PSL Is Life:

Whether you embrace being a basic betch or not, PSL is here to stay and honestly it's a lifestyle at this point. Pumpkin-everything season is only just beginning and girl you shouldn't have any shame in living your truth. 
Arm Up:
Consider these cuties little reminders on your wrist whenever things get too hectic. Their calming mantra and crystal beads are sure to bring the zen.
At Home Vibes:
Fall means shorter days, colder weather and more time spent indoors streaming Netflix. With the addition of Miss Corona this year, it's safe to assume we will all be spending lots of time inside. Having a comfy, cozy environment can bring peak safety vibes in the midst of changing seasons when everyone is a bit more susceptible to random meltdowns and seasonal depression. Creating a chic atmosphere doesn't mean tearing the house down to the studs and starting over. It can be as simple as adding a new comfy blanket to snuggle up with on the couch or fresh flowers to look at when you're contemplating the meaning of your existence. You know what else brings safety vibes? Candles. First of all, they just look cute AF flickering all about while you're drinking wine and watching your 70th episode of Real Housewives. Secondly, they smell divine and set the mood for your cozy ass time inside. Below are some of our fave Spooky Season vibes that will fit in with any space.
If You Were A Spice Girl You'd Be Pumpkin
Simple. Short. To the point. Being a basic betch never paid off more now that you have a candle based off your personality, you PSL loving betch.
THE most perfect, nostalgic, spooky candle of them all! This is THE candle you light when watching Hocus Pocus and reminiscing on your childhood before life got all life-ey.
Where my Libra girls at? Reconnect with your psychic energy and use those powers for good. Love and light, bitch.

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