Aesthetically Please Me

Aesthetically Please Me

What your eye is drawn to and captivated by can tell you a lot about yourself. We love creating photos which reflect what we find beautiful in our jewelry and accessories. On the flip side, we also LOVE to see your vision and how you wear your Ryan Porter pieces in your daily life. Below, we've listed our personal favorite ways to capture Instagram worthy shots.

Natural Light & Greenery:

There's no better lighting than au natural which is why we love natural light. It's dreamy, lively and creates the best shadows for a perfect pic. Plants and greenery can create a terrific natural backdrop for your shots, as well. Simple and to the point, these two elements show off your jewelry in their realist sense. 

Bedside Table & Mirrors:

Night stands and bedroom scenes are the perfect backdrop for an intimate shoot. Candles and personalized pieces just look *chefs kiss* on a cute night stand. Throw in some natural light and you've got yourself an Instagram main feed worthy shot. Just make sure you de-clutter, dust off that table top and wipe any smudges off your mirror before uploading.

Silk and Marble:

There's something about jewelry draped on pieces of silk that really does it for me. It's delicate, soft and atmospheric. You could probably lay a not-so-cute piece of jewelry on silk and I'd be down to buy it against my better judgement. Silk is just...magical. 

Books & Magazines:

Stretching a necklace across a book or fashion magazine will never not be chic (unless the book is about a teenage Vampire who falls in love with a human). Placing your jewelry strategically to let the title be read is key, though!


Don't forget to tag @shopryanporter when posting your lifestyle pictures online so we can see how you style your customized pieces. Play around with lighting, scenery and just like your Ryan Porter pieces, make it uniquely you!

Happy posting, babes!

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