Nashville Date Night

"Whether you're chasing bright Nashville lights, or starry country nights, raise a glass to friends who become family, laughter that echoes under the open sky, and wonderful bourbon-soaked memories. Cheers to living wild, Cowgirl xo"

Smells Like: Date night in Nashville. Champagne, Orange Blackberry, Raspberry Sugar, Praline, Lime

Finishing Touches: Sparkling candle-friendly, plant based, biodegradable Eco Glitter that has passed industry standard ASTM F2417 testing for candle safety.


Vegan + Cruelty Free

60+ hour burn time

Natural soy candle

No gross goop

Insanely giftable

Hand made in USA

"It's easy to see why Candier's candles have become popular gifts" - Forbes.

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Candle Friendly Eco Glitter

Natural soy wax

Smells Like Nashville Date Night

Hand Poured in the USA