Celebrate with sprinkles

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Girl, that thing you just did, I mean, wow!!! You crushed it! Take some time to celebrate the wonder of what is you, and all your latest amazing achievements. Light up celebration candles and hit the ultimate sugar high (without the empty calories) xo

Smells Like: Strawberry Ice Cream, Vanilla, Lemon, Light musk

Finishing Touches: Features fun, colorful candy-wax sprinkles!

Perfect Gift For: Congratulating personal achievements, graduation gift, new job or career promotion, professional milestone, winning an award or competition, buying a new home, or just being all-round amazing.

Gifting Recommendations


Vegan + Cruelty Free

60+ hour burn time

Natural soy candle

No gross goop

Insanely giftable

Hand made in USA

"it's easy to see why Candier's candles have become popular gifts" -Forbes

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Fun party sprinkles

Natural soy wax

Smells like strawberry ice cream

Poured by hand in USA