Not Just Another Holiday Gift Guide 2023

A festive glittery image which reads Not Just Another Holiday Gift Guide 2023

I know, I know — 'not another holiday gift guide,' right? I get it. Especially this year, where Chat GPT can bust them out faster than you can say 'Feliz Nah I’m Good.' So in a world awash with algorithmically generated paid partnerships masquerading as thoughtfully curated personal recommendations, we wanted to put together an authentic Christmas gift guide like the good old days (of 2022).

So here it is: Our top picks. Written by a certified genuine, real human being, sharing advice on what we think will make great gifts this holiday season. Granted, there’s a couple of shameless plugs for our own products sprinkled in here and there, but we gotta keep the lights on somehow. Everything on this list is either something the Candier team have tried out personally (and loved), or something that’s already on our Christmas wish lists.

We tried to keep it as effortless as possible, for you and that lucky person you’re buying for. So nothing that could arrive Christmas morning in the wrong size or turn into an annoying unwanted project. We've also organized it into bite-sized, personality-driven categories, allowing you to select the perfect gift according to their unique tastes, and your budget! Let's make this an easy, breezy, add-to-cart kinda Christmas!

Nap Queen’s Dream

Oversized Blanket Hoodie

Cute young woman wearing oversized pink hoodie patterned with red strawberries

Credit: Amazon / Narecte
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This could probably become the official uniform for cozy season—perfect for lazy holiday lounging and occasional trips to the fridge for leftovers. I’m pretty sure I‘ve seen people wearing this super snug oversize hoody to the grocery store on TikTok. I’m not quite there yet. But you-do-you!

Stylish Colored Stemware

Credit: Shopbop / Estelle
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Whether they’re enjoying some hard earned holiday day-drinking, or reliving your childhood with some store bought seasonal eggnog, your fave Nap Queen’s gonna need some cute glassware to tie the whole vibe together. These sleek and simple Estelle stem glasses sure aren’t the cheapest, but my goodness are they adorable.

Plush Faux Fur Slippers

Cute fluffy hot pink faux fur slippers
Credit: Arch NYC
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Even the most dedicated nappers need to take a break from holiday hibernation, so why not make their unwanted “vertical time” as comfy and luxurious as possible? These super plush faux fur slippers also feel amazing when you’re curled up on the couch too, so it’s a total win-win!

That Girl's Going Places

Smart Waterbottle
A black smart water bottle beside an iPhone

Credit: HidrateSpark
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 I was gifted the previous generation of this HidrateSpark smart water bottle a couple years ago. And boy, I can not tell you how much it changed my understanding on how much water I was actually supposed to be drinking. I was way off! Especially when I travel. So having this little guy there to remind me to stay hydrated made a huge difference.

Mini Portable Phone Charger
a cute pink phone charger

Credit: Amazon / IWalk
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I don’t know what it is, but when I travel my phone seems to run out of juice way quicker than when I’m at home. So I can never have enough chargers and power banks on hand. The IWalk is great because it’s both. Plus, you can charge your phone while recharging the power bank at the same time!

Travel Blow-Dryer

A bright yellow travel hair dryer beside a canvas bag that reads Hot Air
Credit: DryBar
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I was lucky enough to be gifted the full size Drybar Buttercup Blow-Dryer a few years ago and it’s still as amazing today as it was back then. After seeing this compact, extra travel friendly version with the tagline of “No more hotel hair-dryers” this is going straight to the top of my holiday wish list (Santa, are you listening?).

Miss Sentimental

Mom, I Love You Candle

a cute pink scented candle with red hearts on top and reads Mom I Love You
Credit: Candier / Ryan Porter (That’s us!)
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We originally launched this candle cutie as a limited edition Mothers Day exclusive. But we got so many (SO MANY!) requests to bring it back. So we did, and it’s become a runaway year-round best seller. I mean, what’s a better gift for Mom this Christmas than giving her a daily reminder of how much you love her?

Digital WiFi Picture Framea smartphone beside a digital picture frame
Credit: Amazon / Skylight
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I’m not gonna lie: My family gifted me one of these Skylight picture frames a few years ago and I was a little skeptical. But it turned out to be a great way for us to all share family moments with each other. I get to appreciate these memories way more than them being posted to the world on social media just to drop off my feed, never to be seen again.

What I Love about You and Me Book

Hot pink book that reads What I Love About You and Me
Credit: Amazon / Knock Knock
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“I’m not crying, you’re crying”. If done right, this unassuming little Knock Knock book is gonna punch your loved one square in the feels. I received one of these from my partner a few years back and, let me tell you, they scored some serious brownie points that Christmas. Be prepared to put some time into filling it in right though – it’ll make all the difference.

The Beauty Buff

Skin Reset Bundle
Three pink skincare beauty products

Credit: Kiramoon
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We’re a huge fan of Kiramoon, and this bundle is the perfect gift to help anyone hit reset after a holiday of late nights and endless indulgence. This trio of Kiramoon best-sellers will go a long way clarifying, smoothing, and hydrating complexions ravaged by party season excess, and kickstart a healthy skin routine for the new year.

Beauty Mini Fridge
Cute pink mini fridge full of beauty products

Credit: Amazon / IKER
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Now that the world is finally coming around to demanding more natural beauty products (yay!), we need to start caring for them right. After all, we don’t think twice about keeping natural, perishable foods in the fridge. And I don’t know about you, but I've never spent over $100+ on milk before. Some skincare and cosmetics shouldn’t be kept in the fridge though, so always check the label.

Birthday Cake Lip Balm
a cute lip balm with colorful birthday sprinkles

Credit: Poppy & Pout
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This is another team fave. Poppy and Pout gifted us some of these at our recent Influencer trip out to Joshua Tree, and we’ve all been obsessed since. It’s super smooth vegan formula uses all natural ingredients like sunflower wax to keep lips hydrated all day long!

Gourmet Guru

Here We Go Again Book
A cook book titled Here We Go Again with a picture of Tiffani Thiessen eating pizza

Credit: Tiffani Thiessen
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We recently partnered with the amazing Tiffani Thiessen on a limited edition candle and instantly fell in love with her latest cookbook on leveling up leftovers. I mean, who doesn’t love leftovers? Especially if you can upcycle them into something even more yummy, all while minimizing unnecessary food waste?

Perfect Cooking Pot
a purple cooking pot with wooden spoon

Credit: Our Place
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So, this isn’t one we’ve tried out ourselves, but have heard a ton of good things about. It’s described as an “8-in-1 family-sized, stovetop-to-oven nonstick pot, that combines every pot you’d ever need…and then some. From boiling to baking, steaming to braising, there’s simply no end to this pot of possibilities”. Sounds perfect for the holidays, and beyond.

Pantry Starter Pack
a selection of kitchen ingredients in jars and bottles

Credit: Momofuku
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As a resident of NYC I fell in love with Moomofuku’s iconic manhattan restaurants (they also started Milk Bar, which has become nationwide sensation with their amazing cakes and cookies). So when I saw this pantry starter pack I knew I had to add it to the list. It’ll make a perfect gift for any budding Gourmet Guru in training.

That Guy who’s got everything

Braided Leather USB Charging Bracelet
A Braided Leather USB Charging Bracelet in black

Credit: Amazon / GVUSMIL
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Why do phone batteries always die at the absolutely worst time?. This unassuming braided bracelet layers perfectly with most watches and will save the day whenever he’s caught off guard and needs an emergency charge when he’s on the go. It's a great little stocking stuffer.

Bar Stool Quarterback Candle
An amber colored scented candle with a cream label that reads Bar Stool Quarterback

Credit: Ryan Porter (That’s us again!)
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We all know scented candles make perfect Christmas presents, but there aren’t a ton out there designed to appeal to guys. This rugged yet tongue-in-cheek candle with it’s rich, masculine blend of jasmine, sandalwood, amber and musk not only smells amazing but it’ll be a fun talking point on Christmas morning too. It's a great Secret Santa gift too!

Whiskey Club Subscription
Two people enjoying sampling a whisky subscription box

Credit: Flaviar
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Subscription boxes have certainly come a long way since Clark Griswold received his Jell-O of the Month 'Christmas Bonus.' If you're searching for a show-stopping gift that keeps on giving after the big day, check out Flaviar's Whiskey Club. Options include quarterly deliveries of a hand-picked full-size bottle of whiskey, along with a tasting box. This is a fun way to explore new flavors and discover great brands you might not have heard of.

We hope that helps you pick out the perfect present for all your favorite people! Everyone here at the Candier team wishes you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! xo

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