What does this day mean to you?
Mental Health Awareness is not just a day to me, it is an everyday reminder. We are all dealing with something and it is our responsibility to take care of ourselves, so that we can be good to others.
What do you want to tell people who are struggling with their mental health?
You are not alone. There is a saying “be kind. Everyone is fighting a hard battle.” Some people are more outward with their battles, and that is okay. Build a network of people you can talk to. And therapy. Therapy is amazing.  
How do you take care of your mental health?
I make an effort daily to do something nice for myself, it’s something I learned from Twin Peaks. It’s a LynchIsm. Also pounds and pounds of epsom salt baths. But really, it’s effective. I also exercise, eat right and love a bad movie. Doing things that feel good has been key. Listening to my gut. Trusting it. And eliminating people who are toxic. That is a big one. 
What can we do to get rid of the stigma revolving around it?
Talk about it. I want people to talk about their mental health like its fashionable. Your mind is so sexy, take good care of it!
Why do you think this is important to address?
There is nothing worse than feeling alone with your pain. Whenever you feel ready, I think it’s important to process the state of your mental health. It will only help you and others in your orbit!
How can we help others dealing with issues regarding their mental health? Become an ally. Be a friend. Learn the support groups in your local area to recommend to a person in need. Talk about it. And talk about it some more.
How can someone build a strong support system?
This is a tough one. This comes with age and experience. I think getting yourself out of the house and social is good. Good friends are like gems. Keep them close.
What is something you want to change regarding mental health?  
I want to normalize the discussion. Every day is mental health day.
What is something you wish someone would have informed you about this? I wish I knew when I was a teenager that I wasn’t a freak, I was just anxious. And that anxiety is something almost every amazing person grapples with. It’s okay to not feel okay one hundred percent of the time.
How can we create open conversations about mental health? Companies  like yours that makes it feel cool definitely helps. I still wear my gold plated “neurotic” name plate :)
Anything else you'd like to share? Any projects coming up? Support my social impact campaign with my partner Trina DasGupta, Hi Anxiety. We have featured stars like Awkwafina and Lana Condor and more to come! @_hi_anxiety_

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Susan siciliano

Susan siciliano

Wonderful message on Facebook for all to read
Keep it coming. We all need your strength ….

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