What message did you choose for your RP bracelet? Why? 

Resist. These are scary times, guys, and we need to stay strong, support one another and fight back. 

One thing most people don’t know about you?

I'm the least coordinated/athletic person in the world but I used to figure skate as a kid (and was pretty good, too).

Current obsession?

This is more of a lifelong obsession but I love pigs and adopting a mini pig (which will be raised as my child) as soon as I move into an apartment with a backyard.

But currently Recherche Beaute's entire skin care line and going for reiki healings. 

Favorite place to unplug?

My boyfriend and I love to go hiking in Beacon, NY or other towns off the Hudson. If I don't have a full day, I'll take the subway up to Inwood Hill Park to wander around and disappear for a few hours.

Current song on repeat?

These three in rotation:

Roller Skates - Nick Hakim

Romance Distraction - Froth

Melancholy Man - The Wake

Your girl crush?

Stevie Nicks. Lily Collins' eyebrows.

Go to cocktail?

Everyone calls me "grandma" for it, but gin and soda with a slice of lime is my summer (and spring and fall and winter) jam.

First thing you do when you get up in the morning?

I studied transcendental meditation, so I meditate for 20 minutes upon waking and then make a pot of tea.

What's your vice?

Stress eating anything with cheese on it, preferably something that's deep fried. 

What are the only beauty products you need?

A good brow gel and Herbivore's Lapis Oil because it turns you into a gorgeous, glowing superhuman. 

Beauty secret?

Take care of your skin!!! You will thank yourself later in life. My mom instilled the importance of good skin care in me in high school and I'm forever grateful. My current morning and evening beauty rituals are intense and involve a series of all-natural hydrosols, serums, and oils, but ever since I started taking skincare seriously (and switched to using only natural products) I barely ever wear concealer or foundation. 

Favorite Instagrammer?

@minkasicklinger! She's not only an incredibly talented artist (and tattooed the deer skull on my forearm) but she's also literally the coolest person to ever exist.

Also @spencerpratt but only for his really enthusiastic Instagram stories involving crystals and vegan cream cheese.

What scares you?

Public speaking!!!!! If you consider me a friend please don't ever ask me to give a toast at your wedding. 

Your motto?

Be you, unapologetically.

Best advice you've ever received?

My mother is extremely intuitive and taught me to always trust my gut, and doing so has helped me in so many ways. 

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