Celeb Jewelry Trends Worth Copying

Celeb Jewelry Trends Worth Copying

According to my weekly Screen Time Report I average a sickeningly amount of time on my smart phone*. I would love to blame infinitely scrolling on the COVID-19 pandemic but I wont use the crisis as a scapegoat. I'm always on my phone...just even more so during lock down. 

I could probably review a detailed break down of my screen time but I actually don't really need that negativity in my life, right now. I already know the majority of my time is spent liking pics on Instagram, ordering breakfast, lunch and dinner off Postmates and wasting precious nights on dating apps which actually TBH...none are very fulfilling (except that one perfect Chipotle delivery). 

Anywhoo...another favorite past time is spent looking up celebrity paparazzi photos of past and present. I have a real love for seeing celebrities out in the streets, grabbing their iced coffee in their every-day outfits. So, because I average so much time on my phone (an amount I am not going to explicitly state in this blog because "money talks, wealth whispers", darling) I've concluded I am clearly THE expert on spotting celebrity jewelry trends. Thank you for this honor, Apple! 

 Kim Kardashian

Kylie Jenner

BeyonceTaylor SwiftGiGi HadidBusy Phillips

*please note I am not using "sickeningly" in its typical way to describe someone or something as "fabulous", "over the top", or "fierce". I literally mean the amount of time I spend on my phone is S-I-C-K. 

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