I Am Not Black But I Will Fight For You.

I Am Not Black But I Will Fight For You.
As a white person, I’ll never know the immense struggles people of color face daily.
As a white person, the absolute bare minimum I can do is to acknowledge my privilege and understand how I have benefited from it.
I have to ask myself “how can I pass my privilege on?”.
The answer will be different for all of us.
Some of us can head to the streets and join the protests that are taking place in all 50 states.
Some of us can use our social media platforms to amplify black voices to spread knowledge.
Some will need to start at home, initiating uncomfortable conversations with friends and family about racism.
As a white person, I know I can no longer be quietly anti-racist. I have to use my voice and my privilege to loudly be anti-racist. 
Below is a list of books, documentaries, TV shows and movies we compiled to begin educating yourself.
Apathy is no longer a choice.
Sitting back and waiting for things to “get back to normal” is not an option.
Start doing the work at home and then spread it like wildfire.

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