Photo Credit: Travis Charles

Photo Credit: Travis Charles

What does it mean to you to be a nasty woman?

Madeline: Standing behind what you preach

Kelsey: To have confidence in who you are and what you believe in

Coffee or tea?

Madeline: Coffee, with almond milk of course

Kelsey: Dark roast coffee, no room

Go to beauty products?

Madeline: Lush face wash, toner, moisturizer and face masks. Tarte for makeup products, I use products that don’t test on animals because that’s cruel.

Kelsey: Definitely Lush products and Aveeno lotion for moisturizing

What’s one thing that’s always in your handbag?

Madeline: Amethyst crystal and my lavender oil perfume

Kelsey: My planner and plenty of pens (I am a true Capricorn)

Favorite indulgence?

Madeline: Buying vinyl’s to add to my collection (True Life: I’m addicted to buying vinyl’s)

Kelsey: Woodhouse Vegan Pop up, FER SHER

Girl crush?

Madeline: Halsey, she is my favorite current pop artist

Kelsey: Ilanna Glazer because I mean hello? it’s ILANNA!

Who is a woman you look up to and why?

Madeline: I look up to my Aunt Julie, because she lives a single life focusing on her career and traveling the world with the people she loves most. She taught me to be independent and work towards my goals.

Kelsey: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez because she is truly transparent and authentic about her work and what she believes in. It also helps that she was a fellow industry worker so she GETS IT.

Go to outfit?

Madeline: Band t-shirt, a pair of jeans, and my Dr. Martens

Kelsey: Denim on denim, Carhartt hat, vans

Favorite band?

Madeline: I’m a diehard Kings of Leon fan

Kelsey: There’s no way I could pick a favorite band

One thing people don't know about you?

Madeline: I was involved in a pyramid scheme in college selling culinary knives...

Kelsey: I grew up as an only child, on a farm, in rural Ohio...

What advice would you give young girls today?

Madeline: Stop constantly nit picking your appearance; we all evolve and change, you are beautiful

Kelsey: It’s okay to not fit in. It doesn’t seem fun now, but I promise it will be so much fun later

Motto you live by?

Madeline: Cry, laugh, and think every day

Kelsey: Own yourself, that is way more powerful than you think

What message/word  would you wear on your RP custom jewelry?

Madeline and Kelsey: Bitch Kitty, duh

What is the story of the start of your podcast?

Madeline and Kelsey: We started this podcast to shed light on owning your most authentic, unapologetic self wherever you are in your life. We share stories from the creatives in our community and highlight that everyone's path is different and that's OKAY!

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