A Tropical Cocktail

"High heels by the pool? That's for glamateurs. But, heels at the beach? Challenge accepted. So what if you put more money and prep time into your cabana aesthetic than most ladies do for their wedding day? Beach, please! xo"

Smells Like: A juicy tropical cocktail of Watermelon, Lemonade Strawberry, Pineapple Gardenia, Vanilla

Finishing Touches: Sparkling candle-friendly, plant based, biodegradable Eco Glitter that has passed industry standard ASTM F2417 testing for candle safety.


Vegan + Cruelty Free

60+ hour burn time

Natural soy candle

No gross goop

Insanely giftable

Hand made in USA

"The 20 best candle brands of 2024" - BUSINESS INSIDER

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Plant based Eco Glitter

Natural soy wax

Smells like a tropical cocktail

Hand poured in USA